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Class 10 Biology

6 Chapters

Class 10


Class 10 Biology contains chapters which will help students in learning about essential biological concepts and terms. It begins with the chapter of Life Processes which explains the processes of nutrition, transpiration, respiration, and excretion in plants, animals and humans. Next, the chapter of Control and Coordination will explain the nervous system of humans and also the anatomy of the human brain plus the coordination in plants and hormones in animals. Next, the chapter of How Do Organisms Reproduce will give knowledge about the process of reproduction for unicellular organisms and multicellular organisms. Further, Heredity and Evolution will explain how genes are passed from one generation to another and the theory by Charles Darwin. Next, the chapter of Our Environment will discuss what ecosystems are and the different food chains and food webs. In addition, it also explains waste management by discussing terms like biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances. Next, it will also help you get acquainted with trophic level, biotic and abiotic components, producers, and more. Finally, the chapter of Our Environment deals in management of resources that include forests, wildlife, coal, water, petroleum and more. Moreover, it will also enumerate the 5 types of R’s and the processes of management of resources.

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Life ProcessesControl and CoordinationHow do Organisms Reproduce?Heredity and EvolutionOur EnvironmentSustainable Management of Natural Resources

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Chapter 1 : Life Processes

The human body is never idle, even if you are. Even when you are not doing anything, your body keeps on functioning. There are six life processes that all living organisms perform. They are movement, respiration, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition. Let us learn about all of these briefly. 

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What are Life Processes?Nutrition in PlantsNutrition in AnimalsRespirationTransportation in Human Beings

Chapter 2 : Control and Coordination

Are you breathing at the moment? Of course, you are. But are you consciously aware of it? So how does your body know to keep breathing? Why do you instantly pull your hand away when you touch a hot object? Its because animals have organs that are responsible for control and coordination of their actions

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Introduction to Control and CoordinationAnimals: Nervous SystemCoordination in PlantsHormones in Animals

Chapter 3 : How do Organisms Reproduce?

Reproduction is a distinctive characteristic of Living Organisms. All living organisms have survived and evolved over the centuries by virtue if Reproduction. Living Organisms Reproduce and give rise to similar organisms of the same species. Different organisms have different ways and process of Reproduction.

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Do Organisms Create Copies of Themselves?Modes of Reproduction Used by Single OrganismsSexual ReproductionSexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsReproduction in Human Beings

Chapter 4 : Heredity and Evolution

Observe all the coconut trees in your surrounding. You will notice they all look somewhat the same. And yet children do not look exactly like their parents, do they? They look similar, but not alike. So let us study about how these variations occur in heredity and evolution.

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HeredityEvolutionEvolution and ClassificationEvolution should not be Equated with Progress

Chapter 5 : Our Environment

Everyday on your to school you observe various things such as trees, vehicles, garbage and so much more. What're all these things? They're nothing but a part of our environment. Isn't it interesting? Well, let us study more about our environment below:

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Ecosystem - What are its Components?How do our Activities Affect the Environment?

Chapter 6 : Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Maya and her friends went for were trekking, she felt thirsty half way and asked for water. All of them had carried only one small bottle of water. Now they had to save that same water until they reached the top. Let us know more about Resource management.

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Introduction to Management of Natural ResourcesForests and WildlifeWater for AllCoal and PetroleumAn Overview of Natural Resource Management