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Class 10 Maths

15 Chapters

Class 10


Class 10 Maths contains 15 chapters each covering important topics which will help students learn in detail about various mathematical concepts and formulas. The chapter Real Numbers teaches students about rational numbers, irrational numbers, algebraic, fractions and more. Then, Polynomials will explain variables, powers, exponents, and more. After that, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables will explain graphical and algebraic methods. Next, Quadratic equations are about finding roots of quadratic equations, nature of roots and more. Further, Arithmetic Expressions will explain types of an arithmetic sequence, nth term and more. Moreover, Triangles explains everything about these shapes from their types to their applications. Coordinate Geometry will discuss axis, coordinates, slopes, origins and more. After that, Introduction to Trigonometry will dive deep into trigonometry and its uses. The Circles chapter will explain all terms like centre, radius, diameter and more. Next, the chapter of Constructions discusses tangent constructions and division of line segments. Areas Related to Circles will cover the concept of area, the perimeter of the circle, a segment of circle and more. Then, Surface Area and Volumes are about the cube, cylinder, cones and other shapes. Finally, Statistics and Probability will be about the presentation of data in different forms and likeliness of events to happen.

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Real NumbersPolynomialsPair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesQuadratic EquationsArithmetic ProgressionsTrianglesCoordinate GeometryIntroduction to TrigonometrySome Applications of TrigonometryCirclesConstructionsAreas Related to CirclesSurface Areas and VolumesStatisticsProbability

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Chapter 1 : Real Numbers

Real Numbers? So you must be wondering, aren't all numbers real? Are there unreal numbers? Well, let us solve your confusion right here. The easiest way to remember is that if the number can be put on a number line, it is a real number. Let's find out some more interesting concepts about real numbers:

Important topic links

Euclid's Division LemmaFundemental Theorem of ArithmeticRevisiting Irrational NumbersDecimal Expansions of Real Numbers

Chapter 2 : Polynomials

Polynomials are mathematical expressions with any number of variables and coefficients. Polynomials find applications in various fields of Maths and Science. Polynomials have their own set of laws and rules for arithmetics. In this chapter, we will learn everything about polynomial and its applications.

Important topic links

Revisiting PolynomialsGeometrical Representation of the Zeroes of a PolynomialRelationship between Zeroes and Coefficients of a PolynomialDivision Algorithm for Polynomials

Chapter 3 : Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Linear equations are frequently applied in our daily lives. You must have come across the famous mangoes and oranges problems. And do you know how to solve them? Well, in this section we will learn about what are and how to solve a pair of linear equations in two variables, as well as the consistency of equations.

Important topic links

Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesAlgebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear EquationsReducing a Pair of Equations to Linear Form

Chapter 4 : Quadratic Equations

In the Arithmetic Aptitude test, the questions are based on the concepts of Quadratic Equations, Approximations and Simplifications, Data Sufficiency, and HCF and LCM. The following set of topics will not only help you solve any question from this section but solve it within one minute, with proper practice.

Important topic links

Standard Form of Quadratic EquationsSolutions of Quadratic EquationsNature of Roots

Chapter 5 : Arithmetic Progressions

Important topic links

Introduction to Arithmetic ProgressionsGeneral Formula for nth TermSum of an AP

Chapter 6 : Triangles

How do you think the scientists measured the height of Mount Everest? Do you think they went about it with a tape measure? Well of course not. They probably used many fascinating concepts in Geometry. Let's learn here some of these interesting concepts about Triangles...

Important topic links

Introduction to Similar TrianglesBasic Proportionality Theorem (Thales Theorem)Criteria for Triangle SimilarityAreas of Similar TrianglesPythagoras Theorem and its Converse

Chapter 7 : Coordinate Geometry

Vidoe games are fun to play, especially because of depth, and movement in them. But how is this created? Well, the simple answer to this is 'geometry'. Geometry allows us in determining how the shapes and figures fit together to maximize efficiency. So, let us get acquainted with geometry basics ideas!

Important topic links

Concepts of Coordinate GeometryDistance FormulaSection FormulaArea of Triangle - Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 8 : Introduction to Trigonometry

Just the mention of Trigonometry strikes fear in your heart? Fret not, you are not alone. However, this is a problem that can be easily solved. Trigonometry is an easy topic to understand if you follow its real-life applications. Let us familiarize ourselves with the basis of trigonometry.

Important topic links

Trigonometric RatiosSolving Problems : Using Trigonometric TablesTrigonometric Ratios of Complementary AnglesTrigonometric Identities

Chapter 9 : Some Applications of Trigonometry

Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with the understanding of the relationship between various properties of a triangle. Trigonometry has found its application in the field ranging Engineering to Art and Architecture to Astronomy. In this chapter, we will learn about some applications of Trigonometry.

Important topic links

Heights and Distances

Chapter 10 : Circles

Important topic links

Tangent to a Circle

Chapter 11 : Constructions

Geometry is the study of shapes and sizes and relative positions and proportions of objects. Constructions of shapes is a tricky but very important part of Geometry. It is difficult to understand because construction is done step by step. If you miss or do any of the steps wrong, you end up with something vague.

Important topic links

Construction of Similar Triangles and its ApplicationsTangents to a Circle

Chapter 12 : Areas Related to Circles

Finding areas and perimeters of squares, rectangles, triangles etc a piece of pie right? But what about finding the area of a piece of pie? Well, it isn't that difficult. Let us learn how to calculate the area of a circle and some concepts of areas related to circles.

Important topic links

Circumference and Area of CircleArea of Sector and Length of an ArcArea of SegmentAreas of Combinations of Plane Figures

Chapter 13 : Surface Areas and Volumes

We live in a three-dimensional world. The room you are sitting in can be described by these dimensions. A football would eventually burst if you forcefully try to pump in more air than required. The dimensions and capacities of these objects can be measured by studying its Surface Area and Volume.

Important topic links

Surface Area of Combined SolidsVolume of Combined SolidsConversion of Solid from One Shape to AnotherFrustum of Cone

Chapter 14 : Statistics

Statistics is all around you. Did you know there are so many daily things in your life that are made easy and exciting by statistics? Without statistics, you wouldn't have all the stats on your favourite football payer, or track your progress in your exams, or have weather forecasts etc.

Important topic links

Mean of Grouped DataMode of Grouped DataMedian of Grouped DataOgives

Chapter 15 : Probability

Did you know the origins of Probability can be linked to gambling? The theory of probability may have been discovered to help gamblers, but now it assists many of our everyday activities. The chances of your school team winning the tournament, the possibility of rain on a given day, are all applications of probability.

Important topic links

Introduction to Theoretical Probability