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Class 10 Physics

5 Chapters

Class 10


Class 10 Physics covers many essential elements and concepts of physics. The chapter of Light Reflection and Refraction will explain the phenomena of reflection of planes and curved surfaces. Moreover, it also includes laws of reflection, mirror formula, refractive index, lens formula and more. Next, Human Eye and Colourful World will focus on the structure of the human eye and the functions it performs. It also explains the different eye defects like myopia, hypermetropia, and more. Next, the Electricity chapter will give knowledge about the different concepts of electric current, potential difference, resistance and more. It also throws light on the Ohm’s law, Joule’s Law, Electric fuse and much more. Next, we have the chapter of Magnetic Effects of Electric Current which discusses magnetic field and field lines. It also tells us about magnetic fields because of current-carrying conductors and more. It also contains domestic electric circuits, generators and electromagnetic induction and more. Finally, the chapter of Sources of Energy will give knowledge about the various sources of energy and the different forms it is available in. For instance, it discusses conventional and non-conventional sources of energy like solar energy, geothermal energy, energy from sea, hydropower plants, nuclear energy and much more.

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Light - Reflection and RefractionHuman Eye and Colorful WorldElectricityMagnetic Effects of Electric CurrentSources of Energy

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Chapter 1 : Light - Reflection and Refraction

A fascinating aspect of physics is that it can help you explain everything that goes around in your house, or the world and even throughout the Cosmos! Well in this chapter, we will focus on two of the most wonderful natural Phenomena. The Lightning and the Earthquakes. Let us begin the study of Some Natural Phenomena:

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Reflection of Light by Curved SurfacesImages Formed by Spherical MirrorsMirror Formula and MagnificationRefractionLaws of Refraction

Chapter 3 : Electricity

Do you know what happens when electricity flows through a liquid or a solution? Some amount of chemical change takes place in that liquid or solution. This is what we call the chemical effects of electric current. Let us also study what electroplating is. To understand this concept in detail, explore the article below.

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Electric CurrentCircuit DiagramPotential DifferenceOhm's LawResistance and It's Origin

Chapter 4 : Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Today everything runs on electricity. Its a basic necessity in life. But how does electricity run? Well, it runs because of electric current that passes through it and lights up the circuits. But what is this electric current made of? What are its effects? Let us know more.

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Magnetic Field and Field LinesMagnetic field due to a straight current carrying conductorMagnetic Field due to Current through a Circular LoopMagnetic Field Due to SolenoidForce on a Current Carrying Conductor

Chapter 5 : Sources of Energy

When we talk about energy, the first thing that comes to our mind is 'enthusiasm'. Isn't it? Same way things around us have 'energy' in them; in other words, they too have a lot 'enthusiasm' in them.For humans, if it is food, what are the sources of energy for things? Let us study about various sources of energy below.

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Fossil FuelsBiomass and Wind EnergyNon-Conventional Sources of EnergySolar EnergyEnergy From the Sea