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Relationship between Equilibrium Constant, Reaction Quotient and Gibbs Energy

Class 11


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Relating Equilibrium Constant, Reaction Quotient and Gibbs Free Energy


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A vessel contains three gases A, B and C in the equilibrium:

At equilibrium, the concentration of A was M and that of B was M. On doubling the volume of the vessel, the new equilibrium concentration of B was M. Calculate and the initial equilibrium concentration of C.

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A reaction mixture containing and has partial pressure 2 atm, 1atm and 3 atm respectively at 725 K. If the value of K for the reaction. is  
atm at 725 K, in which direction the net reaction will go:

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for is at . Find out for the reaction. Also report and for:

at .

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The equilibrium constant of a reaction doubles on increasing the temperature of the reaction from to . Calculate enthalpy change of the reaction, assuming it to be constant in this temperature range.

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Density of equilibrium mixture of and at 1 atm and 384 K is . Equilibrium constant of the following reaction is: 

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1 mole of and 1 mole of is taken in a vessel of 10 L capacity maintained at 400 K.At equilibrium, the moles of is found to be

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Steam undergoes decomposition at high temperature as per the reaction

The temperature at which equilibrium constant is unit is :

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Calculate value of ' for the reaction at 250 K.


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At 473 K, for the reaction:

What will be the value of , for the formation of at the same temperature?

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mole of and mole of are taken in a vessel and heated. At equilibrium, of (by mass) reacts with according to the equation:

What will be the equilibrium constant for this reaction?

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