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Class 11 Maths

16 Chapters

Class 11


Class 11 Maths is an introduction to advance math. Further, it is quite different from the maths of class 9 and 10. Chapter 1 is about sets, which teaches intersection and union, types, and operation of sets. Chapter 2 explains relations and functions such as evaluating combining functions, etc. Chapter 3 describes trigonometric functions that relate to sin, cos, tan, etc. Chapter 4 defines the principles of mathematical induction. Chapter 5 describes complex numbers and quadratic equations. Chapter 6 teaches about linear inequalities such as one-step, two-step, multi-step inequalities. Chapter 7 explains permutations and combination and fundamental principles of counting. Chapter 8 teaches the binomial theorem for positive integral indices. Chapter 9 defines the sequence and series. Also, it teaches basic sigma notation, finite geometric series, and many other concepts. Chapter 10 is about straight lines that teach many topics such as horizontal and vertical lines, equations of parallel and perpendicular lines, x-intercepts and y-intercepts, etc. Chapter 11 describes conic sections, the equation of an ellipse, features of a circle, foci of an ellipse, standard and expanded equation of a circle, and much more. Chapter 12 gives an introduction to three-dimensional geometry, its role, and measures. Chapter 13 talks about limits and derivatives their features and many other related concepts. Chapter 14 teaches mathematical reasoning. Chapter 15 is about statistics but not general statistics. Lastly, chapter 16 is about probability, which is the possibility of something.

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SetsRelations and FunctionsTrigonometric FunctionsPrinciple of Mathematical InductionComplex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsLinear InequalitiesPermutations and CombinationsBinomial TheoremSequences and SeriesStraight LinesConic SectionsIntroduction to Three Dimensional GeometryLimits and DerivativesMathematical ReasoningStatisticsProbability

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Chapter 1 : Sets

A set in mathematics refers to a collection of distinct objects. It is very important in mathematics to learn about the algebra and axioms relating to Sets. In this chapter, we will learn about mathematical operations and also about terminologies related to sets. So, let's start.

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Sets and their RepresentationsTypes of SetsSubset, Proper Subset, Power and universal SetOperations on SetsComplement of Sets

Chapter 2 : Relations and Functions

Can you relate which school buses go to which schools? Does there exist a relation between them? The buses with a school name written on it will belong to that particular school. Therefore, the school name as a function defines the relation between buses and schools. Let's read all about a relation and function.

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Cartesian Product of SetsIntroduction to RelationsIntroduction to FunctionsSome Functions and their GraphsAlgebra of Real Functions

Chapter 3 : Trigonometric Functions

Do you know how to measure an angle in radians? And how the properties of the sides and angles of a triangle define the branch of maths knows as Trigonometry? Trigonometry formula build the basics of mathematics across all the major branches. Let's learn more in this section.

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Angle and its MeasurementTrigonometric FunctionsGraphs of Trigonometric FunctionsTrigonometric Functions of Sum and Difference of Two anglesTrigonometric Equations

Chapter 4 : Principle of Mathematical Induction

Important topic links

Introduction to Mathematical Induction

Chapter 5 : Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Are there any numbers above or below the number line? Does every equation have a solution? In this chapter on complex numbers, we will answer all of these questions and develop a new and powerful branch of Mathematics - the imaginary numbers or the complex numbers

Important topic links

Complex NumbersAlgebra of Complex NumbersIdentities of Complex NumbersThe modulus and the Conjugate of a Complex numberArgand Plane and Polar Representation

Chapter 6 : Linear Inequalities

By now we have become very familiar with solving the linear equalities, which we also come across in our daily lives. But do you know what linear inequalities mean? Say, Ram has more than 10 apples in his hands. Can this situation be said is in a linear inequality condition? Let's find out more.

Important topic links

Algebraic Solutions of Linear Inequalities in One Variable and their Graphical RepresentationGraphical Solution of Linear Inequalities in Two variables

Chapter 7 : Permutations and Combinations

Permutation and Combination is a very important topic of mathematics as well as the quantitative aptitude section. Here we have the various concepts of permutation and combination along with a diverse set of solved examples and practice questions that will help you solve any question in less than a minute.

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Fundamental Principle of CountingPermutationsCombinationsApplications of Permutations and Combinations

Chapter 8 : Binomial Theorem

Do you know how to handle the long terms in mathematics? For example, do you know how to expand (x+y)99? Well, such binomial (involving two terms) expansions can be easily done by using the Binomial Theorem. It makes our calculations simpler. Let's study more in the topics below.

Important topic links

Introduction to Binomial TheoremSpecial Cases of Binomial TheoremGeneral and Middle terms

Chapter 9 : Sequences and Series

Every one of you must be having a piggy bank. Suppose you put Rs100 in your piggy bank. Next day you put Rs 10. You keep on adding Rs 10 in your piggy bank every day. What if one day you want to know the total amount of money? So here you use the sequence. Let us study Sequence and Series.

Important topic links

SequencesSeriesArithmetic ProgressionArithmetic Mean of APIntroduction to Geometric Progression

Chapter 10 : Straight Lines

In how many ways you can join two points lying on a paper? And how will you join them such that your pen travels the shortest distance between them? Well, the answer is through a straight line. Let's understand the basics and equations of straight lines and how to calculate the distances from a point.

Important topic links

IntroductionSlope of a LineAngles between Two LinesVarious Forms of the Equation of a LineGeneral Equation of a Line

Chapter 11 : Conic Sections

Ever wondered what happens to a cricket ball when it is hit high, soaring towards a six? Yes, it goes out of the boundary but what about the path it follows? Fascinating, right! Let’s get all these answers by understanding the concepts of conic sections below:

Important topic links

Sections of a ConeCirclesParabolaEllipseHyperbola

Chapter 12 : Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

Any idea what does Geometry mean? This word is actually derived from the Greek word ‘geometron’. Here, ‘geometron’ is actually made of two words – Geo and Metron. So geometry is the mathematical study of all shapes and figures. In this following chapter let us study in detail about "Three dimensional geometry".

Important topic links

Coordinate Axes and Coordinate planes in 3D spaceDistance between Two PointsSection Formula

Chapter 13 : Limits and Derivatives

From nature, we Derived that we humans have our own Limits. Calculus would be any math students nightmare. But Limits and Derivatives which make up about half of the calculus are like an oasis in the desert of difficulty. Let's get a good grasp on these subjects from the topics in this section.

Important topic links

LimitsAlgebra of LimitsAlgebra of Limits- exponentsLimits of Trigonometric FunctionsDerivatives

Chapter 14 : Mathematical Reasoning

Humans are the intelligent creatures gifted with the ability to reason. Logic and reasoning are very important topics in Mathematics. Inventions have been made by first stating mathematical problems with the help of critical reasoning for their solutions. Let's learn in detail about Mathematical Reasoning.

Important topic links

StatementsNew Statements from Old StatementImplicationsValidating Statements

Chapter 15 : Statistics

Statistics is all around you. Did you know there are so many daily things in your life that are made easy and exciting by statistics? Without statistics, you wouldn't have all the stats on your favourite football payer, or track your progress in your exams, or have weather forecasts etc.

Important topic links

Revision of Mean and MedianMeasure of DispersionMean DeviationVariance and Standard DeviationShortcut Method to find Variance and Standard Deviation

Chapter 16 : Probability

Did you know the origins of Probability can be linked to gambling? The theory of probability may have been discovered to help gamblers, but now it assists many of our everyday activities. The chances of your school team winning the tournament, the possibility of rain on a given day, are all applications of probability.

Important topic links

Introduction to ProbabilityTypes of EventsAlgebra of EventsAxiomatic Approach to Probability