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Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Equilibria

Class 11


Find the relationship between Kp and Kc and units of equilibrium constant.

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Homogeneous Equilibrium


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At , the following equilibrium is established between chlorine atoms and molecule: 
The composition of the equilibrium mixture may be determined by measuring the rate of effusion of the mixture through a pin hole. It is found that at  and atm pressure the mixture effuses times as fast as krypton effuses under the same condition. The equilibrium constant is:

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One mole of is taken in one litre container which on heating decomposes according to the equation

The for the reaction is 1 atm at . Then the maximum amount of CaO that can be produced in this reaction is

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The equilibrium constant for the disproportionation of into and is ...............

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A sample of  is placed in a flask at a pressure of . At equilibrium the partial pressure of  is . What is  for the given equilibrium?

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The total pressure at which Ais dissociated according to the equation Ais numerically equal to...........times of Kp.

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The plot shows the variation of     versus temperature for the two reactions.

Identify the correct statement:

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The equilibrium constant K for a reaction is related to the equilibrium constant of the corresponding reaction, whose equation is obtained by multiplying or dividing the equation for the original reaction by a small integer.

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For the following gaseous reaction , the equilibrium constant:

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For the following  homogeneous reaction, the equilibrium constant K has units as:


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The rate of disappearance of in the reaction at equilibrium is given by :
        at .

The equilibrium constant is :

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