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Class 12 Biology

16 Chapters

Class 12


Class 12 Biology is a very important subject for medical aspirants. There are a total of 16 chapters in Biology of class 12. The first chapter is Reproduction in Organism where students will learn about the reproduction which takes place in organisms in an in-depth manner. In The Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants chapter, students will learn in detail about the sexual reproduction which takes place in flowering plants. Human Reproduction chapter revolves around the concept of reproduction in human beings. Reproductive Health is the fourth chapter which discusses the importance of reproductive health and ways to achieve it. Principles of Inheritance and Variation chapter talks about the inheritance and variations of characters which takes place from parents to offspring. In Molecular Basis of Inheritance chapter, you will learn about genetics, genetic variation, and heredity. Furthermore, the Evolution chapter revolves around the origin of life and evolution of life forms. Human Health and Disease chapter talks about human health and the various diseases which affect it. The next chapter is Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production which teaches you about biological principles applied to plant breeding and animal husbandry. Moreover, the Microbes in Human Welfare chapter explain how microbes are useful to human beings. The eleventh chapter is Biotechnology: Principals and Processes which introduces students to the principles and processes of biotechnology. In the Biotechnology and its Applications chapter, students will learn about the various applications of biotechnology. Another chapter is Organisms and Populations and it deals with ecology. Also, the chapter revolves around ecology at population and organismic levels. Ecosystem chapter deals with the concept of the ecosystem in an in-depth manner. Biodiversity and Conservation chapter will teach you about the significance of biodiversity and its patterns, types, degradation, evolution, and conservation. Finally, the last chapter is Environmental Issues which revolves around the problems that are a threat to nature like deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc.

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Reproduction in OrganismsSexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsHuman ReproductionReproductive HealthPrinciples of Inheritance and VariationMolecular Basis of InheritanceEvolutionHuman Health and DiseaseStrategies For Enhancement in Food ProductionMicrobes in Human WelfareBiotechnology : Principles and ProcessesBiotechnology and Its ApplicationsOrganisms and PopulationsEcosystemBiodiversity and ConservationEnvironmental Issues

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Chapter 1 : Reproduction in Organisms

Did you know that when seahorses reproduce, it is the male that carries the egg and gives birth to the babies? Clearly, there is no one way organisms reproduce. In our unique world, organisms have very varied systems of reproduction, some of which might surprise you. Let us take a look at reproduction in organisms.

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Introduction to ReproductionAsexual ReproductionSexual Reproduction

Chapter 4 : Reproductive Health

Being healthy isn't just about the absence of disease, it is a more holistic concept. Reproductive health is an important part of one's overall health. It is important that correct information, from reliable sources, is available to us. So let us learn about reproductive health and some related concepts.

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Reproductive Health - Problems and StrategiesPopulation Explosion and Birth ControlMedical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Infertility

Chapter 5 : Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Certain people resemble their parents a lot. They look very similar to them. They've inherited their genes. But what exactly are Principles of Inheritance and Variation? What is Genetics? Do you know what Mutation and Chromosomal Disorder are? What is Sex Determination? Let's find out more about it. 

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Mendel's Experiments and Laws of InheritanceChromosomal Theory of InheritanceLinkage and RecombinationPolygenic InheritancePleiotropy

Chapter 6 : Molecular Basis of Inheritance

We often hear people talk about how they look similar to their parents, grandparents, or relatives. Why does this happen? Due to the inheritance of genes. Now, what is the inheritance of genes? What is Molecular Basis of Inheritance? Let's find out more.

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The DNAThe Search for Genetic MaterialRNA WorldReplicationTranscription

Chapter 7 : Evolution

We are all aware of Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution. However, even before Darwin, there were innumerable theories. And over the last few decades, much more evidence has emerged in favour of evolution, that it has become impossible to deny it. Let us take a look at the fascinating science of evolution.

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Origin of LifeEvolution of Life Forms - A TheoryWhat Are The Evidences For Evolution?What is Adaptive Radiation?Biological Evolution

Chapter 8 : Human Health and Disease

Did you know there are an estimated 30,000 diseases known to man? Some are rare and some are as common as the common cold. The worlds deadliest disease is known to be SmallPox. The study of the human body is incredibly important to learn about the diagnosis, detection and treatment of these diseases. Let us take a look

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Health and DiseasesCommon Diseases in HumansImmunityAIDSCancer

Chapter 9 : Strategies For Enhancement in Food Production

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Animal HusbandryPlant BreedingSingle Cell Protein (SCP)Tissue Culture

Chapter 11 : Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

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Principles of BiotechnologyTools of Recombinant DNAProcesses of Recombinant DNA Technology

Chapter 13 : Organisms and Populations

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Organism and Its EnvironmentPopulations

Chapter 14 : Ecosystem

As you observe the beauty of the nature around you, also observe its ingenious. Our entire ecosystem is like one functional unit that runs perfectly smooth. To better study this ecosystem we learn as a sum total of its parts and processes. Let us have a look at a few of them.

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Ecosystem - Structure and FunctionProductivityDecompositionEnergy FlowEcological Pyramids

Chapter 15 : Biodiversity and Conservation

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BiodiversityBiodiversity Conservation

Chapter 16 : Environmental Issues

Did you know out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, 13 of them are in India? Environmental pollution is one of the most dangerous problems the entire world is currently facing. It is time we come up with a solution to our environmental issues or face some serious consequences.

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Introduction to PollutionAir pollution and its controlWater Pollution and its ControlSolid WastesAgrochemicals and Their Effects