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Class 5 EVS

20 Chapters

Class 5


Class 5 EVS is all about helping students explore and make a connection with our natural surroundings as well as man-made. The chapter of Super Senses explains students about the various senses of animals whereas A Snake Charmer’s Story is about the interdependence of snakes and snake charmers on each other. Further, From Tasting to Digesting will dive into the various flavors we can taste like sour, sweet and more and about our digestive system. Next up, Mangoes Round the Year gives insight into these fruits and how to preserve them. Seeds and Seeds will explain the distribution of seeds through natural agents and Every Drop Counts Experiments with Water focuses on the importance of water and its sinks and floats. Further, A Treat for Mosquitoes is about the various diseases caused by them whereas Up You Go! will explain mountaineering. Next, Walls Tells Stories gives us insight about historical structures and Sunita in Space is about Earth and more about it. Students will also learn about energy resources, life away from the hustle-bustle, and earthquakes through the next chapters. Next, there are chapters explaining about hot and cold air, sanitation workers, dams, agriculture, and forests. Finally, students will also learn about family traits and nomads through Like Father, Like Daughter and On the Move Again.

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Super SensesA Snake Charmer's StoryFrom Tasting to DigestionMangoes Round the YearSeeds and SeedsEvery Drop CountsA Treat for MosquitoUp You GoWalls Tell StoriesSunita in SpaceWhat if it Finishes?When the Earth Shook!Blow Hot, Blow ColdWho Will Do This Work?Across the WallNo Place for Us?A Seed Tells a Farmer's StoryWhose Forests?Like Father Like DaughterOn the Move Again

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Chapter 1 : Super Senses

We use our five senses i.e. sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste every day. But how do we use our senses? What organs are sensory organs? How much sleep do we require? Does everyone have the same sleeping requirements? What are threatened species and why are they threatened? Let's find out more. 

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Sense Organs

Chapter 2 : A Snake Charmer's Story

Did you know that Snakes are a very important part of India's Culture and heritage? They have a very high status in Hindu mythology. And snake charmers are a part of these rituals as well. Let us learn more about these mystical snake charmers and the snakes that dance to their tune. 

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Snakes and Snake Charmers

Chapter 3 : From Tasting to Digestion

The food that we eat is processed in a complex way. From Tasting to Digestion a lot of things take place. Do you know what exactly digestion is? What are the stages of Digestion? What is the part of the digestive system and what's the significance?  Let's find out more about Digestion.

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Food in Mouth and StomachFood and Health

Chapter 4 : Mangoes Round the Year

Mangoes are also known as the king of fruits. But what happens when this mango gets spoilt? How do we preserve it? What are the different kinds of Mangoes? Let's find out more about Mangoes Round the Year.

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Food Spoilage and Preservation

Chapter 5 : Seeds and Seeds

Trees and plants provide fruits, vegetables, wood, etc to us. But how are these trees and plants grown? They grow from a seed. What is a seed? What are its parts? What is Germination? How are these seeds dispersed? Let's find out more about Seeds and Seeds.

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SeedsHunting Plants

Chapter 6 : Every Drop Counts

Water is an essential necessity and life without water cannot be thought of. When looking for life on other planets, scientists look for the presence of water there. Thus, we can confidently say - "Every Drop Counts". In this chapter, we'll learn about water and its importance and also about water management.

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How Do We Get Water?

Chapter 7 : A Treat for Mosquito

Water, one of the main factor necessary for the existence of life! When scientists try to discover life on planets other than ours, the first thing they look for on the planet is the existence of water. About 71% of Earth's surface is covered with water. Thus, it is important to learn about water experiments.

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Blood Test

Chapter 8 : Up You Go

Nihal and Priya were playing outside when it started raining heavily outside. As they were entering their house, they saw some of their utensils are lying outside, hence Priya suggested that they take the utensils inside.These wet utensils are a treat for mosquito. Let us know the story of a mosquito.

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Mountaineering Camp

Chapter 9 : Walls Tell Stories

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Visit to Golconda Fort

Chapter 10 : Sunita in Space

India is famous for its historical forts. We have many forts in India i.e. The Jaisalmer Fort, Golconda Fort, Agra Fort, etc. Let's find out more about forts and museums in the chapter Walls Tell Stories.

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Sunita's Experience in Space

Chapter 11 : What if it Finishes?

Go outside and look at the stars. Aren't they pretty? Sparkling, shining! Have you noticed that sometimes you can see the stars and the moon during the day as well? How's that possible? How do you think does the earth looks like from space? Let us find out with Sunita, who's already travelling in spac

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Vehicles and PollutionHow Much Fuel Do We Use?

Chapter 12 : When the Earth Shook!

Humanity is currently living in one constant fear. What will happen if all the fossil fuels finish before we find suitable substitutes? Have you ever wondered what will we do if tomorrow petrol or diesel finishes? Let us study more about the fuels and natural resources and their importance in our lives.

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Chapter 13 : Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Roadways are an important part of our life. We can travel due to progress in Roadways. But do you know how Roadways work? Let's find out more about A Shelter So High!

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Basics of Blowing Air

Chapter 14 : Who Will Do This Work?

The Earth is prone to a lot of natural disasters and the earthquake one of them. An earthquake shakes the earth. It leaves a terrible mark behind. Let's find out more about When the Earth Shook!

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Chapter 15 : Across the Wall

Do you ever clean your spectacles by blowing air on them? They become hazy when you do so before you wipe them clean. Why do you think this happens? Why does the air you blow from your mouth be both hot and cold at times? How does this happen? Let us conduct an experiment and find out more.

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Struggle of Afsana Against Gender Inequality

Chapter 16 : No Place for Us?

Who will do this work? This question is asked often, but no one says that I will do it. Everyone expects someone else to work for them. That's why we are behind as a society. So how does it works? To progress we all should work together and keep our environment clean. Let's find out more about it. 

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Understanding Migration through Story of Jatryabhai

Chapter 17 : A Seed Tells a Farmer's Story

The gender ratio in India is an appalling 933 females to 1000 males! Women in India face gender discrimination right from their birth to their education and even in employment. But with changing times, we are improving our outlook and behavior. Let us take a look at the reasons and solutions to this gender bias.

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When Time ChangedRising Expenses

Chapter 18 : Whose Forests?

People often move out of their towns for education, work, etc. They migrate from one place to another. So what is Migration? What are its impacts? What are the causes? Let's find out more about No Place For Us.

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Whose Forests?

Chapter 19 : Like Father Like Daughter

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Experiment with Peas

Chapter 20 : On the Move Again

Forests can provide us with everything required for sustaining life. Forests were habitat to Humans in our initial stage of evolution and they still are to most other species of living organisms. Let's learn how to conserve our precious forests in this section.

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Farming Seasons and Migration of Communities