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Class 6 Biology

6 Chapters

Class 6


Class 6 Biology helps students learn about biological concepts. It begins with the chapter of Food: Where Does It Come From? and gives students an idea about the main sources of food. It will help them understand the importance of food as well. After that, we have Components of Food which makes student familiar with the various components like carbs, vitamins, fats, minerals and more. Next, there is Getting to Know Plants which explains the basic anatomy of plants and their different parts and functions in the chapter. After that, it moves on to Body Movement which deals in the basic body movements of animals as well as humans. In addition, it also teaches about the main organs with movements like muscles, ligaments, joints and more. So, it will help in learning about some interesting facts about birds and animals. Moreover, the chapter of The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings teaches about the fundamental characteristics of living organisms and how it is related to their habitat and surroundings. Finally. Garbage In and Garbage Out teaches students about garbage and how we must segregate it carefully. Further, these chapters also explains to students how they can dispose of garbage through methods of composting and more.

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Food: Where Does It Come From?Components of FoodGetting to Know PlantsBody MovementsLiving Organisms - Characteristics and HabitatsGarbage in, Garbage out

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Chapter 1 : Food: Where Does It Come From?

Food is one of the basic necessities required for sustaining human life. Humans have survived through the years and evolved because of Food. So the question, 'Where Does Food Come From?' is a fundamental question whose answer should be known by one and all. Interesting? Let's find out more.

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Plants Parts and Animal Products as FoodWhat do Animals Eat?

Chapter 2 : Components of Food

We eat food every day. Food is one of the most important things for survival. We can't survive without food. But what are the components of food? What is a balanced diet? What are deficiency diseases? Let's find out more about the Components of Foods. 

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What Do Different Food Items Contain?What do Various Nutrients do for our Body?Balanced DietDeficiency Diseases

Chapter 3 : Getting to Know Plants

Imagine a world without plants. What do you see when you think of that? A dull, colorless and dead world is what you would see. They also sometimes save us from our parents if they're angry. You ask how? Flowers! Yes, plants also provide us with these beautiful flowering plants. So let us get to know more about them!

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Chapter 4 : Body Movements

You run, you walk, you play, you eat, you sleep and you can do so much more. Have you ever wondered how're you able to do so? Well, it's because of your body movements. But what enables these movements? How can your body do so many things at a time? Let us find out!

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Introduction to LocomotionHuman Body and its MovementsGait of Animals

Chapter 5 : Living Organisms - Characteristics and Habitats

One day Vikas was playing outside when a fairy-like lady appeared whose name was 'Mother Nature'. 'Hi Vikas, my name is Mother Nature and I provide all the living organisms with shelter, food and all my love, come! Let me show you how?' said Mother Nature.Let us learn more about living organisms and their surroundings.

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Organisms and the Surroundings Where They LiveHabitat and AdaptationsA Journey through Different HabitatsCharacteristics of Organisms

Chapter 6 : Garbage in, Garbage out

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Dealing with GarbageThink and ThrowRecycling of Paper and Plastic