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Class 6 Chemistry

6 Chapters

Class 6


Class 6 Chemistry is an important subject as it introduces students to the concepts of chemistry and various formulas. The chapter of Fibre to Fabric teaches students about the different natural and synthetic fibers. Further, it also explains the various methods to acquire fabric from plants and animals like cotton, silk and more. After that, the chapter of Sorting Materials and Groups will teach how to sort different objects based on their characteristics. For instance, iron will fall in the opaque category while glass will be transparent. Next, up, Separation of Substances is going to teach students about techniques of sieving, winnowing, filtration and more. Moreover, it also teaches about the various substances which we cannot separate. Through the chapter of Changes Around Us, students will get information about the basic processes of Chemistry. In other words, it will throw light on the reversible and irreversible changes followed by experiments. The chapter of Water is about the water cycle and its importance. Finally, Air Around Us chapter deals in the composition of air that we breathe. Not only that, but it also covers the various characteristics of air. After that, students will also gain knowledge about the role air plays in making life on earth sustainable and helping us lead healthy lives.

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Fibre to FabricSorting Materials into GroupsSeparation of SubstancesChanges Around UsWaterAir Around Us

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Chapter 1 : Fibre to Fabric

We all love clothes and get the happiest when someone gifts us clothes. Clothes range from comfortable to uncomfortable, from smooth to coarse. There are so many varieties. But they all start from a single strand of 'fibre' to 'fabric'. How the process of fibre to fabric take place? Let us find out below.

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IntroductionSome Plant FibresYarn to Fabric

Chapter 2 : Sorting Materials into Groups

Objects around us have different shapes, sizes, colours and uses. But do you know what they are made up of? Well actually, they are made up of one or more materials such as paper, glass, plastic, cloth, wood, metal, cotton, etc. Interesting? Let's find more about sorting materials into groups in this section...

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Objects Around UsClassification of Materials Based on their Properties

Chapter 3 : Separation of Substances

Why do we wash our hair? Yes. We wash it to remove all the dirt and oil. That means we are 'separating' the dirt and oil from our hair. Separation of substances is very useful in science as well as in our daily life. What are the different methods and reasons for separation of substances you ask? Let's find out.

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Process of Separation of SubstancesCan Water Dissolve Any Amount of Substance?

Chapter 4 : Changes Around Us

Did you know every day our height increases by 1 cm? Isn't it just amazing? There are things happening around us every day, every second. These changes around us are sometimes not even noticeable. But what are these changes? Above all what do you mean by changes? Let us know more!

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Changes and the Ways to Bring About Them

Chapter 5 : Water

Rukmini was brushing her teeth when she saw a little creature that looked like a water droplet. He says his name is Mr. Water, and that because she is wasting water by keeping the tap on while brushing, his community of water droplets is dying. Let us know more about water to see how can we save it.

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Where Do We Get Water From?The Water CycleHow Can We Conserve Water?

Chapter 6 : Air Around Us

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Is Air Present Everywhere Around Us?What Is Air Made Up Of?