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Class 6 Physics

4 Chapters

Class 6


Class 6 Physics is introduced to students through the chapter of Motion and Measurement of Distances which discusses the evolution of transport and how we measure different objects by making use of various tools. It also explains the standard units and measurements which we all follow and the types of emotions that surround us. Further, we have Lights, Shadows and Reflections that helps students understand the complexities of light, shadows, reflections and more. Not only that, it also consists of various topics like light-emitting and non-emitting objects. Thus, you will learn the difference between transparent, opaque and translucent. After that, there is Electricity and Circuits which makes students understand the concept of electricity, conduction, insulation, and more. It also teaches how to form an electric circuit and connect the bulb to a cell. Further, it also teaches us to classify conductors and insulators. Finally, the chapter of Fun with Magnets is about how magnets were invented and their different types. It begins with the story of magnets and then teaches about magnetic and non-magnetic materials. It defines the materials and their identification. Further, it also teaches us to classify magnetic and non-magnetic things. Moreover, it also throws light on the magnetic and non-magnetic materials plus their properties.

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Motion and Measurement of DistancesLight, Shadows and ReflectionsElectricity and CircuitsFun with Magnets

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Chapter 1 : Motion and Measurement of Distances

We, humans, have developed various modes of transport over time in order to move us from one location to another. Motion has become a key to our survival. In this chapter, we will learn about the Evolution of Transport, Measurement of Distances and the various Types of Motion.

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Story of TransportMeasuring the Width of the Desk and Standard Units of MeasurementMeasurement of LengthMoving Things Around UsTypes of Motion

Chapter 2 : Light, Shadows and Reflections

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Transparent, Opaque and Translucent ObjectsShadowsPinhole CameraMirrors and Reflections

Chapter 3 : Electricity and Circuits

Do you know what's the time right now in the USA? How'd you find out the time? You just browsed it on the net, but how is your net working in that case? Well, the simple answer to this is 'Electricity'. This electricity further has circuits in it. Let us know more about electricity and circuits. 

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Electrical Circuit and Importance of SwitchConductors and Insulators

Chapter 4 : Fun with Magnets

Have you ever seen fridge magnets? They come in so many different sizes and shapes. Isn't it? But have you ever wondered how do these magnets stick to the fridge? What're the properties that make them magnets? Let's us have some fun with magnets and know them more!

Important topic links

Magnetic and Non-Magnetic MaterialsPoles of a MagnetFinding Directions with MagnetMake your Own Magnet