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Class 7 Chemistry

4 Chapters

Class 7


Class 7 Chemistry is an interesting subject which introduces students to new concepts and methods which occur in the branch of chemistry. It not only helps them gain knowledge but also makes them understand the daily happenings in real life. The chapter of Acids, Bases, and Salts carries a lot of importance. It helps students learn about the various types of acids, bases and salts that are there. Moreover, it will also assist students in identifying the types of substances as acidic or basic. Further, they will also learn about the types of indicators which are there. In addition, this chapter will show the similarities between these substances. Further, the chapter of Physical and Chemical Changes will help students in learning about the various types of changes that are there. This will not only help them learn more about the changes that occur in their surroundings but also assist in senior classes. After that, it also gives insight about the properties of these changes. Similarly, it will also teach them about the rusting of iron and the displacement reaction. Finally, students will also learn about the process of Crystallisation that can help them understand this method for future use in daily life.

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Fibre to FabricAcids, Bases and SaltsPhysical and Chemical ChangesWater: A Precious Resource

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Chapter 1 : Fibre to Fabric

We all love clothes and get the happiest when someone gifts us clothes. Clothes range from comfortable to uncomfortable, from smooth to coarse. There are so many varieties. But they all start from a single strand of 'fibre' to 'fabric'. How the process of fibre to fabric take place? Let us find out below.

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Chapter 2 : Acids, Bases and Salts

Equilibrium, as the name suggests, refers to as balance. In chemistry, chemical equilibrium refers to the state in which the concentration of the reactants and products won't change. In this chapter, we will learn everything about Equilibrium and lot more.

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Chapter 3 : Physical and Chemical Changes

There's matter everywhere around us. But how much of it is actually pure? Is the milk or the water you drink pure? There's a ton of things mixed in it and only then you get to drink it. So what is a mixture? Is there only one type of mixture? Let us know more.   

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Chapter 4 : Water: A Precious Resource

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