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Working of State Government

How the State Government Works
Class 7


Brief introduction of vidhana sabha; State the qualifications for a legislative assembly member; State the term of office of the vidhana sabha member; Discuss the legislative powers of legislative assembly; Discuss the financial powers of legislative assembly; Discuss the administrative powers of legislative assembly; Discuss the electoral powers of legislative assembly; Discuss other powers of legislative assembly; Discuss legislative council; State the qualification of the M. L. C. s; Discuss the powers of legislative council; Describe the debate in the legislative assembly; Explain the need and responsibilities of an MLA; Give an introduction about the state government; Discuss about reservations and procedure of elections of state assemblies; Discuss about termination of membership of both houses of legislative assembly; Discuss about the officers of the legislative assembly; Discuss powers and functions of the speaker of a legislative assembly; Discuss the process of formation of legislative assembly of Rajasthan and its present position; Discuss about the election and nomination of members; Discuss the tenure and officers of the members of the legislative council; Discuss the process of a bill becoming an act; Discuss the imposition of President's rule in a state; Brief introduction about the executive; Discuss the types of ministers in the state cabinet; Discuss about the administrative executive; Discuss institutions of local self governance at the local level; Briefly discuss urban institute of self governance.,State the challenges to free and fair elections; Differentiate between direct and indirect elections; Discuss the election of president and vice - president of India; Explain general elections; Explain midterm elections; Explain by - elections; PF - Discuss the concept behind wallpaper project and its significance; PF - State the importance of press conference; PF - Explain how elections happen in assembly; PF - Explain majority and give its examples; PF - Define constituency; Discuss coalition politics and election; Discuss about psephology; Explain the conduct of elections at various levels; Explain the Indian elections voting mechanism; Explain about NOTA; Discuss about postal ballot; Explain the meaning and nature of Franchise and Representation; Discuss about First Past The Post (FPTP) election system; Discuss about Block Vote (BV) election system; Discuss about Party Block Vote (PBV) election system; Discuss about the Alternative Vote (AV) election system; Discuss about the Two - Round System (TRS) election system; Discuss about Delimitation Acts; Discuss about Electoral Roll or the Voters’ List; Discuss about nomination of Candidates; Discuss about Election Campaigning.

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Working of State Government
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