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Direct and Reported Speech

Transformation of Sentences
Class 7


Identify direct and reported speech, understand how to convert a sentnece from direct to reported speech and vice versa

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Conversion of Direct Speech to Reported Speech and Vice - Versa (Basic)

Practice Questions
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You have been away for a while and have just come back to your home town. You meet Gerry, a friend of yours. He asks you a question:
Gerry: What are you doing now?
Now you tell another friend what Gerry asked you.
Rewrite using reported speech:

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Change the following sentence to indirect speech :

Varun Said, "Every Kid should learn coding".

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Change direct to indirect speech by keeping the same tense if the statement is still relevant or a universal truth.
John said, “My sister takes me out for dinner every week. [Advanced]

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Choose the correct option to complete the sentence in indirect speech.
The teacher said, "Madhu is working sincerely."
The teacher said that Madhu ___________ sincerely.

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Choose the correct option to complete the sentence in indirect speech:
Robin Hood said, "I want justice for the weak."
Robin Hood said that ____  justice for the weak.

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Convert from direct to indirect speech:
Pilate replied to the Jews, "What I have written, I have written." [Advanced]

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Change the following to indirect speech.
The boy said, "Hurrah! We have won the match." [Intermediate]

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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.
The doctor told him not to eat much. "________" the doctor said to him.

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Choose the correct indirect form of speech from the options given below:
Sushant says, "I play baseball daily."
Sushant says that ___ baseball daily.

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Choose the most appropriate indirect narration of the given sentence: 
Ranga said to Subbu, "Please, help me solve this sum." 

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