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Settlement, Transport and Communication

Human Environment - Settlement, Transport and Communication
Class 7


Major features of rural and urban settlements; Define human settlements; Describe the ancient settlement pattern; Classify settlements into permanent and temporary; Describe permanent settlement; Describe compact settlement; Describe scattered settlement; What do you mean by settlement; Explain the different types of settlements - Nucleated; dispersed and linear; Discuss rural and urban settlements; Discuss the functions of rural settlements; Discuss the functions of urban settlements; Discuss the settlement in Accra; Explain a settlement hierarchy; Discuss high order services in Warsaw; Poland; Case Study: Settlement and service provision in Sardinia.,State the different transportation systems in India; Describe communication and its modes; Explain transport system and its importance in human life; Describe the mass media and its impact; Discuss the factors to be considered for transportation; Discuss about Roll - on Roll - off (RoRo) transport; Explain the Green Corridor; Discuss the importance of transportation; Explain how communication is a basic infrastructure; Discuss about communication services in India; Discuss about ways of communication in the past; Explain why we need communication; Explain the types of transportation; Discuss about ropeways; Discuss about newspapers, radio as means of communication; Explain the use of roads for production and sale of goods; Discuss about employment in transport activities; Describe the transport services and choices; Discuss about congestion, pollution and travelling safety; Discuss about road safety week; Discuss the economic importance of all modes of transport in the world.,Explain roads as measure mode of transport in India; Describe national and express highways; Yamuna Expressway; Ahmedabad - Vadodara Expressway; Delhi - Gurgaon Expressway; Mumbai - Pune Expressway; Noida - Greater Noida and Panipat expressway; Delhi - Noida Direct freeway and Bengaluru - Mysore Corridor; Explain state highways; Explain district, rural and border roads; State the advantages and disadvantages of roadways; Explain border road and road density; Explain the international highways; Discuss about golden quadrilateral and corridor projects; Explain the link of airports with quadrilateral highway and describe major airports of India; Discuss the advantages of roadways; Discuss about traffic problems; Explain the points to be kept in mind by drivers regarding traffic.,Describe air transport, it's advantages and disadvantages in India; Discuss about different airlines and airport authority of India; Provide information on international and domestic airports in India; Discuss about important airports in the world.,Explain water transport and its categories; Describe the important inland waterways as national waterways; Describe oceanic waterways; Distinguish between Port and Harbour; Describe major ports of India; Describe advantages and disadvantages of waterways; Discuss the major canal systems of the world; Give details of important ocean routes in the world.

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Settlement, Transport and Communication
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