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Earth's Structure

Inside Our Earth
Class 7


Discuss about Earth's structure; Describe the chemical composition of Earth; Describe the internal composition of Earth; Explain Gutenberg discontinuity in internal composition of Earth; Explain mohorovicic discontinuity in internal composition of Earth; State the concentric rock layers of Earth; PF - Discuss the main mineral constituents of the earth; PF - Define sial; PF - Define sima; PF - Define crust; PF - Describe the different layers of earth; Discuss the naming of layers of rock; Describe how fossils form in rocks; Discuss the concept of fossil and rock; Describe the fossil record system; Explain the fossil record and age of earth relation; Explain the method of finding the age of rocks with the help radioactive materials; Discuss about Asthenosphere.

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Earth's Structure (Basic)

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