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Earth's Movement and Creation of Landforms

Our Changing Earth
Class 7


Explain earthquake; Describe Volcanoes and plate tectonics as a cause for earthquake; Describe the anatomy of an earthquake; Explain distribution of earthquake in detail; Explain epicentre; PF - Discuss the origin of earthquake; PF - Define focus point; Discuss the causes of earthquake; Discuss about the primary or 'P' Waves; Discuss about the secondary or 'S' Waves; Discuss about surface or 'L' Waves; Discuss the reasons for the occurrence of an earthquake.,Explain glacier; Discuss the types of glaciers; What is moraines and explain the types of moraines; What is work of glacier; Explain work of glaciers.,PF - Name some rivers of the world that forms a delta; PF - Discuss the structure of delta; PF - Discuss the procedure of formation of river distributaries; PF - Describe how river helps in formation of landforms; PF - Define meanders; PF - Discuss the formation of waterfall; How does the shape of river valley changes; Explain the making of the grand canyon; How are waterfalls formed; Explain waterfall over horizontal hard rocks; Explain waterfall over vertical hard rocks; Explain the making of Niagara falls; What do you mean by meanders and oxbow lakes; How does levees and floodplains create; How are deltas formed; Explain the making of Ganges delta.,Explain denudation; Describe the process involved in denudation; Describe work of wind; Describe the action of winds; Describe deflation hollows; Describe sand dunes; Explain types of dunes; Explain seif's, estuary, meander, gradient; Explain work of waves; PF - Define erosion; PF - Explain mushroom rocks; PF - Define loses; PF - Explain the work of sea waves in formation of coastal landforms; PF - Define sea caves; PF - Define sea cliff; PF - Define stacks; Discuss about landforms created by underground water; Discuss about mass movements or mass wasting; Discuss about rapid mass movements; Discuss about slower mass movements; Discuss about the transportation and deposition by rivers; Discuss the depositional work of winds; Discuss the depositional work of sea waves; Discuss the erosion work of groundwater.,Explain endogenic forces and its types; Explain sudden movements and its types; Explain the effect of external processes on the landforms; Explain seafloor spreading; Explain the movements of the Earth's crust; PF - Define lithospheric plate; PF - Explain the reason behind movement of earth; PF - Describe the effects of earth's movement; PF - Provide the classification of earth movement; PF - Explain the process of creation of different landforms; PF - Discuss the effect of endogenic forces; Discuss about continent building (Epeirogenic) movements; Discuss about sudden movements of the earth; Discuss about exogenic processes.,Describe the causes of Volcanic eruptions; Describe the products of a Volcano; Describe the structure of Volcano; Describe the types of Volcanoes; Name the effects of Volcanoes; Describe the Landform constructive effect of Volcanoes; Describe other constructive effect (Excluding landform) of Volcanoes; Describe the destructive effects of Volcanoes; Name the important Volcanic zone of the World; PF - Define volcano; Explain the reasons for the occurrence of volcano eruption; Discuss about dormant volcano; Explain the active volcano; Discuss about extinct volcano; Explain about the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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Earth's Movement and Creation of Landforms
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