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Ocean Circulation

Class 7


Describe ocean currents; Explain warm and cold current; Explain surface and deep water current; Describe circulation pattern of ocean currents; Describe the north atlantic drift; Describe the labrador current; Describe the kuroshio current; Describe the oyashio current; Explain the effect of ocean currents on climate; Explain the effect of ocean currents on marine organism; Explain the effect of ocean currents on commerce; PF - Discuss the classification of ocean circulation; PF - Discuss the tsunami of 26 december 2004; PF - Describe the tsunami and its impact; PF - Discuss the relation between waves and tsunami; PF - Discuss the formation of waves; Discuss about major oceanic currents.,Explain waves; Explain tides; Explain factors that cause tides; Describe the nature of tides; Describe periodicity of tides; Describe types of tides; Uses of tides.,Explain the reason of blue color of earth when seen from outer space; Explain hydrosphere; Describe the main sources of water on the earth; Explain the importance of ocean; Discuss the distribution of water bodies; Explain continental shelf; Explain continental slope; Discuss about deep sea plain; What is ocean deep; Explain the conservation of ocean.

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