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Class 7 Physics

5 Chapters

Class 7


Class 7 Physics aims to expose students to important basic elements of Physics. Physics of class 7 consists of a total of 5 chapters in all. This subject will introduce students to the structure of matter as well as to the interaction between the basic constituents of the universe. The first chapter here is Heat. This chapter deals with the basic nature of heat itself. Furthermore, students will also learn about temperature measurement and the transfer of heat. They will also become familiar with terms like convection, conduction, and radiation. Moving on, the next chapter is Motion and Time. Students will deal with topics like Types of motion, Distance and displacement, speed and velocity, Measurement of time, and speed. The third chapter is Electric current and its effects. The major topics in this chapter are Symbols of electric components, Heating effects of electric current, and Magnetic effect of electric current. The next chapter is Light which deals with Rectilinear propagation of light, Reflection of light, Plane and spherical mirrors, Sunlight, and Newton's disc. Finally, the last chapter is Winds, storms, and cyclones. As the name suggests, this chapter deals with these three elements in an in-depth manner.

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HeatWinds, Storms and CyclonesMotion and TimeElectric Current and its EffectsLight

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Chapter 1 : Heat

We all know very well what is heat and what it is capable of doing. But, specific heat is a concept that very few people know about. In addition, we will discuss specific heat, specific heat formula, its derivation and solved examples in this topic.

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Chapter 2 : Winds, Storms and Cyclones

Imagine you're on your way to school and suddenly the day turns windy. Next thing you know there are storms and cyclones. Sounds horrific isn't it? But are these winds, storms and cyclones always this horrific? How do they occur? Let us know more!

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Chapter 3 : Motion and Time

An easy way to analyse motions is the Graphical Method. Any two quantities can be plotted on the two axes of a graph and rest quantities can be understood by it.We will learn about the measurement of important quantities and analysis of some significant graphs. Let's start with time and motion study. 

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Chapter 4 : Electric Current and its Effects

Today everything runs on electricity. Its a basic necessity in life. But how does electricity run? Well, it runs because of electric current that passes through it and lights up the circuits. But what is this electric current made of? What are its effects? Let us know more.

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Chapter 5 : Light

What is light? When there's a power cut, we're primarily upset because there's no 'Light'. Isn't it true? But why do we need light? You'd say 'we need light' to see things. That's right! But what makes light so essential? How does the phenomena of light work?

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