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Class 8 Biology

6 Chapters

Class 8


Class 8 Biology begins by introducing students to Crop Production and Management in which they will learn about the different harvests and the climatic conditions they require to grow. Further, we move on to Micorgranism: Friend and Foes in which students get to know about the different types of microorganisms which are present on planet earth. Next, Conservation of Plants and Animals discusses the various human activities which are impacting the plants and animals lives. Further, it also teaches ways to conserve them. The chapter of Cell: Structure and Functions will give details about its structure and the different functions. Similarly, the Reproduction in Animals throws light on how animals reproduce and the different modes and procedures. Moreover, the chapter or Reaching the Age of Adolescence will come in handy in understanding the changes a person experiences in their adolescence both physically and emotionally. Further, it also explains the changes that happen in different organs and hormones. Finally, the chapter of Pollution of Air and Water will explain students the meaning of pollutants. Next, it will discuss the various pollutants which contaminate our air and water. In conclusion, it ends with elaborating the different ways how we can avoid pollutants and conserve air and water.

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Crop Production and ManagementMicroorganisms: Friend and FoeConservation of Plants and AnimalsCell - Structure and FunctionsReproduction in AnimalsReaching the Age of Adolescence

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Chapter 1 : Crop Production and Management

Important topic links

Agricultural PracticesBasic Practices of Crop ProductionFood from Animals

Chapter 2 : Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

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MicroorganismsUseful MicroorganismsHarmful MicroorganismsFood Poisoning and Food Preservation

Chapter 3 : Conservation of Plants and Animals

Every day you observe various plants and animals here and there. These plants or animals, form what we call 'biodiversity'.  Now imagine if these plants and animals were to disappear? How would the world look like then? Let's learn more about it and expand our knowledge on conservation of plants and animals.

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Deforestation: Causes, Consequences and RemediesMethods of Conservation of Forests and Wildlife

Chapter 4 : Cell - Structure and Functions

Are you aware that you started your life from a single cell? Something that can't even be seen through naked eyes. Intriguing, right? But what is a cell? Do you want to know more about it? Then gather around. Let's learn about the cell structure and function.

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Cell and its DiscoveryCell Number, Shape and SizeParts of the CellComparison of Plant and Animal Cells

Chapter 5 : Reproduction in Animals

Every time you ask your mother how you were born, she either tells you that you were made by God or that you were adopted(jokingly of course). But do you really want to know how? For that, you have to learn reproduction in animals. Buckle down because you are going to learn just that in the topics below.

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Sexual ReproductionAsexual Modes of ReproductionStory of Dolly, the Clone

Chapter 6 : Reaching the Age of Adolescence

There is no sudden transition from boys to men and girls to women. It happens gradually over a period of time. The period of transitioning between a child and an adult is called Adolescence. There are a lot of physical and biological changes that occur in the human body in the teenage period. Lets find out.

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Adolescence and PubertyRole of Hormones in Initiating Reproductive PhaseHow is the Sex of the Baby Determined?Role of Hormones in Completing the Life History of Insects and Frogs