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Class 8 Physics

7 Chapters

Class 8


Class 8 Physics contains chapters that will let students gain knowledge about the concepts of physics and important terms. The chapter of Force and Pressure will make these concepts very easy to understand. This will help you in easily understanding the future problems which will be complex at times. Similarly, Friction is a chapter which deals with how to apply friction in daily life. Moreover, it also contains diagrams to help you with understanding them. Next, the Sound chapter will differentiate between music and noise for students. Later, it discusses Noise Pollution and elaborates measures on how to reduce noise pollution. There is also the chapter of Chemical Effects of Electric Current which will explain how different materials behave regarding the current flow. Moreover, you will also learn about the passing of electricity through conductors and insulators. Next, Some Natural Phenomena will give you details about the lightning and earthquakes and their magnitude plus the reasons behind them. Light is a chapter which makes the student understand the properties and application of light. It also gives information about the Braille system. Finally, the chapter of Stars and the Solar System will teach about the celestial bodies in the solar system and their properties.

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Force and PressureFrictionSoundChemical Effects of Electric CurrentSome Natural PhenomenaLightStars and the Solar System

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Chapter 1 : Force and Pressure

Take a bottle and push it across the table. What did you just do? Let us do another activity: now take a straw and sip any juice. Now while doing so, what're you doing?  In both the activities you applied both Force and Pressure. Let us study more about it below.

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Force - Push or PullExploring ForcesEffects of ForcesContact Forces and Non-Contact ForcesIntroduction to Pressure

Chapter 2 : Friction

Frication is something which every kid learn in her/his school life. Furthermore, the most common topic and easily learnable topic standard physics is friction. Besides, we will study friction, friction formula, formula’s derivation, and solved example in this topic.

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Force of FrictionFactors Affecting FrictionFriction: A Necessary EvilIncreasing and Reducing FrictionFluid Friction

Chapter 3 : Sound

Can you imagine a place where you are not surrounded by sound? May it be soothing sound of the river or the sound at the construction sites. There would have been no fun clapping your hands at your friends birthday party or playing a musical instrument. Let us study them in detail

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Sound is Produced by a Vibrating BodySound Produced by HumansSound Needs a Medium for PropagationAmplitude, Time Period and Frequency of a VibrationLoudness and Pitch

Chapter 4 : Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Do you know what happens when electricity flows through a liquid or a solution? Some amount of chemical change takes place in that liquid or solution. This is what we call the chemical effects of electric current. Let us also study what electroplating is. To understand this concept in detail, explore the article below.

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Do Liquids Conduct Electricity?Chemical Effects of Electric CurrentElectroplating

Chapter 5 : Some Natural Phenomena

A fascinating aspect of physics is that it can help you explain everything that goes around in your house, or the world and even throughout the Cosmos! Well in this chapter, we will focus on two of the most wonderful natural Phenomena. The Lightning and the Earthquakes. Let us begin the study of Some Natural Phenomena:

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LightningTypes of Charges and Their InteractionTransfer of ChargesThe Story of LightningLightning Safety

Chapter 6 : Light

What is light? When there's a power cut, we're primarily upset because there's no 'Light'. Isn't it true? But why do we need light? You'd say 'we need light' to see things. That's right! But what makes light so essential? How does the phenomena of light work?

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What Makes Things VisibleLaws of ReflectionRegular and Diffused ReflectionReflected Light can be Reflected AgainMultiple Images

Chapter 7 : Stars and the Solar System

Have you ever just admired the sky in the night? It looks so beautiful that we just can't take our eyes off. There are so many beautiful objects outside the earth in the space that we can't see through naked eyes. What are these objects? Why do they shine at night and not in the day?

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The UniverseThe MoonThe StarsConstellationsThe Solar System