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Class 9 Biology

6 Chapters

Class 9


Class 9 Biology begins by the chapter of Fundamentals Units of Life which will tell students about Robert Hooke who was the first person that prepared a microscope allowing him to see a cell. It will also explain about cells and the structures and functions of various cells. After that, Tissues will give knowledge about tissues in plants which are Meristematic tissue and permanent tissue. It also explains the position of plant tissues and more. Then, Diversity in Living Organisms will show you how there are various life forms on earth so it will make students understand the different groups of organisms. Then, it will explain Aristotle’s classification of animals and the terms related to it like Phylum, Genus, Species and more. After that, Why Do We Fall Ill will discuss health and diseases and the reasons as to why we fall ill. It will also differentiate between a healthy person and a disease-free person. On the other hand, Natural Resources will highlight the essential elements of life which are air, wind, rain, and more. It will also explain the movement of air and air pollution in detail along with the pollutants. Finally, the chapter of Improvement in Food Resources will explain crop yield, livestock, food crops and more.

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The Fundamental Unit of LifeTissuesDiversity in Living OrganismsWhy do we Fall Ill?Natural ResourcesImprovement in Food Resources

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Chapter 1 : The Fundamental Unit of Life

A cell is the building blocks of all organisms, the smallest unit of a living thing. There are organisms made up of just one cell such as bacteria. And then organisms such as humans that have about 100 trillion cells! Let us study in detail about the cell, it's structure and types of cells.

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What are Living Organisms Made Up of ?Structural Organisation of CellCell Organelles

Chapter 2 : Tissues

Human body is made up of several elements but bones offer a proper structure. The human skeleton system can be thought of as the foundation to our appearance. Learn more about the human body in greater detail here.

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Plant TissuesAnimal Tissues - Epithelial TissueAnimal Tissues - Connective TissueAnimal Tissues - Muscular TissueAnimal Tissues - Nervous Tissue

Chapter 3 : Diversity in Living Organisms

Biodiversity is the presence of different species of plants and animals on earth. In this Essay on Biodiversity will discuss the Importance and Methods to Increase.

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Basis of ClassificationThe Hierarchy of Classification - GroupsPlantaeAnimaliaProtochordata

Chapter 4 : Why do we Fall Ill?

Did you know there are an estimated 30,000 diseases known to man? Some are rare and some are as common as the common cold. The worlds deadliest disease is known to be SmallPox. The study of the human body is incredibly important to learn about the diagnosis, detection and treatment of these diseases. Let us take a look

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Health and Its FailureDisease and Its CausesInfectious Diseases

Chapter 5 : Natural Resources

Do you know millions of year ago all of the lands on the planet were joined to form one giant supercontinent known as Pangea? Slowly different parts of it drifted away. This tectonic shifting is how the Indian landscape came into being. Let's look at some of the important physical features of India.

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Resources on EarthThe Breath of Life- AirWater- A Wonder LiquidMineral Riches in the SoilBiogeochemical Cycles

Chapter 6 : Improvement in Food Resources

When we score fewer marks, our parents always scold us and then later ask us to 'improve'. Now, what would happen if our food resources score fewer marks on its quality test? Obviously, we can't scold it, but we can improve the quality of food resources. So, let us study further on the improvement of food resources. 

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Improvement in Crop YieldCrop Variety ImprovementCrop Production ManagementAnimal Husbandry