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Class 9 Civics

5 Chapters

Class 9


Class 9 Civics is a great foundation stone for Civics and the chapters serve as a trustworthy learning aid for students. The chapter of Democracy in the Contemporary World will discuss Indian democracy and the changes it has undergone in the last 100 years. It also covers different events which were responsible for this democratic development. Further, What is Democracy? Why Democracy? Will explain the meaning of this and also explain the features of democracy along with differentiating between the democratic form and non-democratic form of government. After that, Constitutional Design will tell you about the constitution and what all it stands for. Further, it also states the powers in the hands of citizens. Next, we have Electoral Politics which will familiarize students with the significance of elections and how elections decide the government. It also tells us about the need for elections in a democratic country. The chapter of Working of Institutions will tell you all about the representatives of the government and the constitution of the country. Finally, the Democratic Rights chapter will tell you all about the rights of the citizens and how they are important in a democratic country. It also cites real examples to help understand the term better.

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What is Democracy? Why Democracy?Constitutional DesignElectoral PoliticsWorking of InstitutionsDemocratic Rights

Explore all Chapters

Chapter 1 : What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

Have you ever wondered that what is a democracy? Why are we a part of it? How did democracy come into existence? Let's find out more about What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

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Features of Democracy

Chapter 2 : Constitutional Design

When someone says constitution, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The government, Parliament, Political leaders etc. Isn't it? But what do you exactly mean by it? What is it's constitutional design? What is constitution? Let's find out.

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Democratic Constitution in South AfricaMaking of the Indian Constitution

Chapter 3 : Electoral Politics

Considering India's huge population, how do we ensure democratic elections in our country? How do we make sure every vote counts and that they all have equal power? This is where our unique Election system comes into play. And one of the problems we face is electoral politics

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Our System of ElectionWhat Makes Election in India Democratic?

Chapter 4 : Working of Institutions

You go to school, what is a school? It's an institution where people study. Right? Similarly, we can call India an institution wherein people of India work only to contribute towards its institution. But who heads these institutions? How do they work? Let us study in-depth the working of institutions.

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ParliamentPolitical ExecutiveThe Judiciary

Chapter 5 : Democratic Rights

We live in a democratic system. And this democracy provides us with some right. But what are these right? How many rights do we have? What are fundamental rights? Let's find out more about the Democratic Rights in this section.

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Rights in the Indian Constitution