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Class 9 Elements of Business

4 Chapters

Class 9


Class 9 Elements of Business is an essential subject which dives deep into the concept of Business. It will help students learn about the administration of the business and many more concepts. Unit 1 which is Fundamentals of Business Activities deals with characteristics of business activities and how it differs as a profession and in terms of employment. Further, it also teaches us about business as an economic activity and factors which affect it. Next, there are Operative Activities in Business which teach us about the concept of industries and commerce. It also discusses terms like banking, insurance, transportation, e-commerce and more. This unit also throws light on M-commerce and other services relating to trade. Further, there is the unit of Steps Involved in Business Establishing which begins by enumerating the natures and forms of business organization. It will teach students how to differentiate between sole proprietorship and partnership. Finally, the unit of Fundamental Areas of Business will teach students about production and what all goes in this step. Next, there is finance which explains the aspect of money in a business. Further, we have marketing which explains ways in which one can advertise their business. Lastly, there are Human Resources explaining their importance and need in any business.

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Fundamentals of Business ActivitiesOperative Activities in BusinessSteps involved in Establishing BusinessFundamentals Areas of Business

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Chapter 1 : Fundamentals of Business Activities

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Characteristics of Business ActivitiesBusiness as an ActivityCharacteristics of Vocational Activities

Chapter 2 : Operative Activities in Business

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Concept and Types of Commerce and Industry

Chapter 3 : Steps involved in Establishing Business

Organizing is the backbone of both formal & informal organizations as it defines the concepts like line, staff, matrix and project management organizations.

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Nature and Forms of Business OrganizationSole Proprietorship - Meaning & FeaturesPartnership - Meaning & FeaturesTypes of PartnersTypes of Partnerships

Chapter 4 : Fundamentals Areas of Business

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FinanceMarketingHuman Resources