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Class 9 History

5 Chapters

Class 9


Class 9 History helps students learn about the important events which took place in the history and the renowned persons in them. The chapter of The French Revolution will teach about the ancient regime and the crisis they faced which led to the French Revolution. Next, Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution will give details about the crisis of Tzarism and the First World War as well as the Russian Revolution. After that, there is Nazism and the Rise of Hitler which is self-explanatory in itself. It throws light on the crisis which Germany faced when Hitler came to power and his ideology of Nazism. Further, we have Forest Society and Colonialism which covers the relationship between forests and the livelihood plus the changes which the British made in forest societies. The chapter of Pastoralists in the Modern World gives students knowledge about the various forms of pastoralism in colonial times and how pastoral nomads led their lives. Peasants and Farmers will tell students about the history of peasants and the struggles they faced. History and Sport- The History of Cricket will discuss the history of the famous sport, Cricket. Finally, Clothing: A Social History gives knowledge about the history of clothing in detail.

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The French RevolutionSocialism in Europe and the Russian RevolutionNazism and the Rise of HitlerForest Society and ColonialismPastoralists in the Modern World

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Chapter 1 : The French Revolution

Did you know that the French Revolution had a huge impact on India's fight for independence? Yes, the ideals of nationalism and social equality born during the French revolution inspired leaders like Tipu Sultan and Raja Rammohan Roy. The French Revolution actually had a very significant impact on history.

Important topic links

French Society During the Late Eighteenth CenturyThe Outbreak of the RevolutionFrance Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a RepublicImpact of French Revolution

Chapter 2 : Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

We've heard about Socialism. But what is Socialism? What is the Russian Revolution? What's the Age of Social Change? Do you know the meaning of Industrial Society and Social Change? Let's find out more about Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution.

Important topic links

The Russian EmpireChanges after the October Revolution

Chapter 3 : Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

All of us have probably heard about Hitler or the word "Nazi" at least once in our lifetime. Who was Hitler? What did he do? Who is a Nazi? How did Nazism come into existence? Let's find out more about Nazism and the Rise of Hitler. 

Important topic links

Hitler’s Rise to Power

Chapter 4 : Forest Society and Colonialism

The Britishers were worried that Indian farmers were destroying the forests with their agricultural practices. They wished to cultivate the forests themselves. So they formed these forest society and made various laws to restrict the use of these forests but continued their commercial exploitation of these forests.

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Deforestation and Rise of Commercial Forestry

Chapter 5 : Pastoralists in the Modern World

It may surprise you but there are still millions of nomads and nomadic communities around the world who have no permanent homes. One such type of nomads are pastoral nomads who are cattle herders and roam around in search for pastures for their cattle. Let us learn more about them.

Important topic links

Pastoral Nomads and Their Movements