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Class 9 Physics

5 Chapters

Class 9


Class 9 Physics begins with the chapter of Motion which helps students understand the motion along a straight line, types of motion, distance and displacement, acceleration, and more. Similarly, the chapter of Forces and Laws of Motion will assist in learning about the concept of balance and unbalance forces. It also states the First Law of Motion along with Galileo’s concept and the Law of Inertia. Thus, students will get great knowledge about momentum and rate of change for a better understanding. It also explains the applications on first, second and third law of motion. Next, there is Gravitation which deals with the depths of motion of objects which are under gravitational force influence. It will also discuss Newton’s universal law of gravitation for an in-depth study. The fourth chapter of Work and Energy explains the relationship which is between work and energy. It also explains the concept of work and various forms of energy. In the same manner, students will learn a great deal about kinetic energy, potential energy, application of kinetic and potential energy and more. Finally, Sound is a chapter which will interest students a lot. It discusses the reflection of sound like echo, reverberation, applications of multiple reflections of sound and more. They also contain many activities which make the learning procedure more effective and interactive.

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MotionForce and Laws of MotionGravitationWork and EnergySound

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Chapter 1 : Motion

Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok. The hands of a clock never stop, do they? They keep repeating their motion after a certain time. But a pendulum, after it is swung, comes to a stop. Why? What is the motion of a pendulum called in the first place? Let's learn all about Oscillations.

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Introduction to MotionMeasuring the Rate of MotionRate of Change of VelocityDistance - Time GraphsVelocity - Time Graphs

Chapter 2 : Force and Laws of Motion

Take a ball and slide it across the floor. Can you see it keeps sliding?The ball rolled on the floor will keep sliding unless stopped by you. Why does this happen? The above-mentioned activity is an application of Newton's first law of motion.Let us study about the force and laws of motion-in-depth. 

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Introduction to ForceBalanced and Unbalanced ForcesFirst Law of MotionInertia and MassSecond Law of Motion

Chapter 3 : Gravitation

After Newton discovered the gravity people came to know about gravity. Furthermore, now a day’s everybody knows what is gravity. So, to find out more go through the topic to learn about gravitational force, gravitational force formula, formula’s derivation and solved example.

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Introduction to GravitationUniversal Law of GravitationAcceleration due to GravityMass and WeightThrust and Pressure

Chapter 4 : Work and Energy

We all have heard 'Work is Worship'. But not in Science. In Science, Work is the product of Force and Distance. When talking about Work, we come across terms like Energy, Power, Distance, Displacement, Force and lot more. In this chapter, we'll learn about Work, Energy and Power.

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WorkEnergyKinetic EnergyPotential EnergyLaw of Conservation of Energy

Chapter 5 : Sound

Can you imagine a place where you are not surrounded by sound? May it be soothing sound of the river or the sound at the construction sites. There would have been no fun clapping your hands at your friends birthday party or playing a musical instrument. Let us study them in detail

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Sound: Production and PropagationSound Needs a MediumSound Waves are Longitudinal WavesCharacteristics of Sound WavesSpeed of Sound