Advantages and Disadvantages of Vegetative Propagation


Advantages and disadvantages of vegetative propagation

Advantages of vegetative propagation
  • Quicker and more certain.
  • Produces identical quality as the parent.
  • Plants that do not have viable seed, can be reproduced.
  • Flowers produced are of superior quality.
  • Desirable character of fruit can be maintained.
Disadvantages of vegetative reproduction
  • Does not produce new variety.
  • Leads to overcrowding around the parent plant.
  • Very little possibility of dispersal.


Economic importance of artificial propagation

Agricultural scientists and horticulturists are trying to improve their products in  two principal ways:
1. By growing desired variety of a plant in large numbers.
  • Vegetative propagation
  • Micropropagation
2. By evolving new varieties of plant with desired characteristics.
  • Hybridisation