Air Pollution, and Noise Pollution


Methods to control air pollution

The following measures can be adopted to control air pollution:
  • Special devices such as precipitators should be installed.
  • Controlling automobile exhausts.
  • Safer fuels.
  • Tree plantation.


Carbon dioxide as an air pollutant

CO is not an air pollutant if present in normal concentration. But if its percentage increase it will results in global warming called as green house effect.


Air pollutants

A contaminant that affects human life, plant life, animal life and property or a contaminant which interferes with the enjoyment of life and property could be termed as an air pollutant. 


Air pollution and its effects

Effects on human beings

1. Chronic pulmonary disease
2. Cardiovascular disease
3. Lung cancer
4. Premature death

Effects on animals

1. Breathing problems

Effects on plants

1. Reduction in the growth of various parts of plants
2. Yellowing of the leaf

Effects on environment

1. Increase in carbon dioxide level
2. Melting of glaciers, polar ice


Noise pollution

Noise pollution is defined as an unwanted sound that is an irritant and a source of stress. 
Sound is the means of communication and entertainment. A low sound is pleasant but a loud sound is unpleasant and is often referred to as noise. The effects of noise have a bearing on the receiver - i.e., man.