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Application of Trapped Air as Insulator



Experimental verification of air as a bad conductor of heat

Take a very hot Bunsen flame. Hold a live matchstick about 1cm away from the Bunsen flame. The matchstick does not get hot enough to burst into flame. This shows that air is a very poor conductor of heat.


Radiation from Black and White Surfaces

Particular types of clothes are suitable for a particular season.For example, In winters, woolen clothes and dark colors clothes are preferable as it absorbes heat, where as in summer season, light color cotton clothes are preferable as it reflects heat and keep the body cool.


Woolen Clothes Keeps People Warm in Winter

Wool is bad conductor of heat, it provides insulation from temperature.It traps the heat inside the clothes in order to provide warmth during winter.But wearing woolen cloths in summer would be terrible as the woolen cloths are water repellent and will not absorb the sweat during summer to keep the body dry.