Basic Knowledge of Electromagnetic Induction



Electromagnetic Induction

The property due to which a changing magnetic field within a closed conducting coil induces electric current in the coil is called electromagnetic induction.


Faraday's Experiment

A galvanometer is connected to an insulated copper coil.When magnet is moved towards or away fromt he coil, the following things happen:
1. If the magnet and coil is at rest then no deflection is observed in galvanometer G.
2. When the N pole of magnet is moved towards coil, then the galvanometer gives deflection in one direction fig b
3. when magnet is stopped deflection becomes zero
4. When N pole is moved away from the coil, the galvanometer gives deflection in opposite direction.
5. If magnet is moved fast deflection increases
6. If number of turns is increased then deflection also increases.
7. The induced current is produced only by relative motion between magnet and coil.


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