Branches of Biology


Branches of biology

Biology can be divided in at least three different ways. They are as follows:
1. In terms of major kinds of organisms, biology can be branched as follows:
  • Botany- The study of plants.
  • Zoology- The study of animals.
  • Human biology- The study of man and his relationship with other living organisms.
2. In terms of special group of organisms, biology can be branched as follows:
  • Bacteriology- The study of bacteria.
  • Virology- The study of viruses.
  • Mycology- The study of fungi.
  • Entomology- The study of insects.
  • Ichthyology- The study of fishes.
  • Herpetology- The study of lizards, snakes, etc.
  • Ornithology- The study of birds.
3. In terms of approach on studying it, biology can be divided into branches as follows:
  • Anatomy- The study of gross structure of an organism as seen in dissection.
  • Morphology- The study of forms and structure of plants and animals.
  • Histology- The study of minute structure of tiny bits of body. 
  • Cytology- The study of structure and function of animal and plant cells.
  • Physiology- The study of functions and activities of organisms and their parts.
  • Embryology- The study of formation and development of embryo of plants and animals.
  • Taxonomy- The science of naming, grouping and classifying plants and animals.
  • Ecology- The study of interaction among organism and their environment.
  • Biogeography- The study of geographical distribution of plants and animals.
  • Palaeontology- The study of prehistoric forms of life through fossils.
  • Evolution- The study of origin and descent of organisms.
  • Genetics- The study of transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring.
  • Parasitology- The study of parasites.
  • Pathology- The study of diseases of plants and animals.
  • Immunology- The study of immune system.
  • Eugenics- The study that aims to improve the quality of human population.
  • Biochemistry- The study of chemical processes within the body.


Scientific method

The Scientific method is the way to conduct study by experiments, observation and hypothesis.
  • An experiment is a procedure to determine something.
  • An observation is the data collection from experiments.
  • A hypothesis is the best possible answer that can be tested.