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Conformations of Alkanes

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Conformation of alkane - definition

Any of the spatial arrangements which the atoms in a molecule may adopt and freely convert between, especially by rotation about individual single bonds, Is called as conformation. In alkane staggered, eclipsed conformation is seen.
Example : Ethane molecule shows both type of conformation which is shown in diagram.

Conformation of ethane - definition

Ethane shows two types of conformation, staggered and eclipsed.

Chain and boat conformation - diagram

Sawhorse projections - definition

A sawhorse projection is a view of a molecule down a particular carbon-carbon bond, and groups connected to both the front and back carbons are drawn using sticks at 120 degree angles.

Newman projections - definition

A newman projection, useful in alkane stereo chemistry, visualizes chemical conformations of a carbon-carbon chemical bond from front to back, with the front carbon represented by a dot and the back carbon as a circle.

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