Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion



Thermonuclear fusion

To generate useful amount of energy, nuclear fusion must occur in bulk matter. What is needed is to raise the temperature of the material until the particles have enough energy due to their thermal motions alone to penetrate the coulomb barrier. This process is called thermonuclear fusion.Thus, for thermonuclear fusion to take place, extreme conditions of temperature and pressure are required, which are available only in the interiors of stars including sun.


Controlled thermonuclear reactions

The energy produced in thermonuclear reactions is extremely high but such  reactions cannot be controlled. Another issue to consider in the controlled  thermonuclear reaction is about containing it. The temperature of the hot plasma is so high that it cannot be in contact with any material. Therefore it has to be checked , but in such a way that there is no contact.There are a few ways to do this
  • Magnetic Confinement used as particles are charged.
  • Inertial Confinement rapid pulse dispensed to achieve required conditions.
  • Gravitational Confinement found only in stars.
  • Electrostatic Confinement confine ions using electrostatic field.


Examples of Nuclear Fusion Reactions

Nuclear fusion is a process when two or more nuclei combine to form a large nuclei and release some energy. These are the examples of Nuclear Fusion Reaction: