Some Examples of Derived Units



Define derived quantities and their units

The Fundamental Quantity is independent Physical Quantity that is not possible to express in other Physical Quanitity. It is used as pillars for other quantities aka Derived Quantities. In Physics, Length, Mass, Time, Electric Current, Thermodynamic Temperature, etc are examples of Fundamental Quantities.

Density "
The seven fundamental S.I units are:−
metre → for length
second → for time
kilogram → for mass
kelvin → for temperature
ampere → for electric current
candela → for luminous intensity
mole → for the amount of substance.


Some commonly used derived units

A derived unit is a SI unit of measurement comprised of a combination of the seven base units. Like SI unit of force is the derived unit, newton or where .
There are some commonly used derived units which includes:

1. Pressure =

2. Mass density=

3. Specific volume =

4. Current density =

5. Magnetic field strength =

6. Capacitance =


Identify and give examples of some derived units

The units of all quantities other than fundamental units is called derived unit. Derived units are obtained in terms of fundamental quantities. 
QuantityDefinition Derived UnitAbbreviation/Symbol
1. Arealength breadthmetre metre
2. VolumeLength breadth heightmetre metre metre