Discovery of Radiation



Relationship between different units of radioactivity

1 becquerel = 1Bq = 1 radioactive decay per second
1 curie = 1 Ci = 3.7 10^{10} Bq (decays per second)


Radioactivity and Artificial radioactivity

Radioactivity is the term used to describe the natural process by which some atoms spontaneously disintegrate, emitting both particles and energy as they transform into different, more stable atoms. This process, also called radioactive decay, occurs because unstable isotopes tend to transform into a more stable state. Radioactivity is measured in terms of disintegrations, or decays, per unit time. Common units of radioactivity are the Becquerel, equal to 1 decay per second, and the Curie, equal to 37 billion decays per second.
When the radioactive isotope is generated during the nuclear reaction, it is termed as artificial radioactivity.