Effects of Drug/alcohol Abuse



Drugs (behavioural changes)

  • Sudden change of mood and temper.
  • Bouts of drowsiness or sleeplessness.
  • Body pain, nausea, unsteady gait.
  • Losing interest in job and studies.
  • Telling lies and sealing money.


Effects of alcohol abuse

  • Deficiency of nutrients
  • Affects immunity
  • Affects brain
  • Affects cardio vascular system
  • Mallory Weiss syndrome
  • Pancreatitis
  • Increased cancer risk
  • Affects kidney
  • Alcoholic myopathy
  • Impotency and infertility
  • Foetal alcohol syndrome


Effects of drug abuse

  • Nervousness and psychosis
  • AIDS and hepatitis
  • Misuse of drugs by certain sports persons
  • Impotency, chromosomal aberrations and production of abnormal babies
  • Victims of various diseases
  • Hormonal changes