Electrical Circuit and Symbols Used in It


Name various components used in electronic circuits

The various components used in electronic circuits are:
1. Resistors
2. Inductors
3. Capacitors
4. Diodes
5. Transistors
6. IC chips


Conductors and insulators

Substances which allow electric charges to flow through them easily are called good conductors of electricity. They have a large number of free electrons.
Substances which do not allow any electric charges to flow through are called bad conductors of electricity or insulators. They have a very small number of free electrons or no free electrons.


Examples of conductors

Conductors have electrons which are free to move. These electrons are the outer shell electrons of an atom. They are not so tightly bound to the nucleus. Such electrons are present in metals such as silver, copper, gold.
Hence most of the metals are good conductors of electricity. 


Electric circuit as closed path for electricity

In a electric circuit current only flows when it is a closed path and not open or broken from anywhere.This happens because if its not a closed path current will not get conducted from one portion to the other.If key is present in the circuit it should also be closed to make the current flow in the circuit.In the given figure current will not flow, as the switch is not closed.