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Homogeneous Equilibrium

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Homogeneous equilibrium - definition

In an equilibrium, all the reactants and the products are present in the same phase, it is called homogeneous equilibrium.

Expression for equilibrium constant - definition

Units of equilibrium constant - definition


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Heterogeneous Equilibrium


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n mole of and n mole are allowed to react at constant temperature T to have a total equilibrium pressure , as :. If y mole of are formed at equilibrium, find for the given reaction.  

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The reaction, was studied using an initial concentration of which was 1.5 times that of . But the equilibrium concentration of and were found to be equal. Then the for the equilibrium is :

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For the reaction:
if ; where the symbols have usual meanings then the value of is: (assuming ideality)

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The correct relation between and for the given reaction is:

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For the following gaseous reaction , the equilibrium constant:

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Statement 1: A large value for the equilibrium constant indicates that products are favored at equilibrium.
Statement 2: The ratio of products to reactants at equilibrium is always greater than one.

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If nitrosyl bromide (NOBr) is 33.33 per dissociated at & a total pressure of 0.28 atm. Calculate for the dissociation at this temperature.

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for reaction :

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4 moles of is taken in a liter closed vessel and heated to equilibrium. At equilibrium, the concentration of is one

Then the equilibrium constant is:

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Equal number of moles of and are allowed to react with each till it reaches equilibrium

The value of for this equilibrium can never be

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