Freedom Struggle (1870s-1885)



Explain East India Association

The East India Association was founded in London in 1866 by Dadabhai Naoroji. The association provided information on all Indian subjects to British citizens and Members of Parliament. It voiced the grievances of Indians and suggested remedial measures. The association had its branches in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.


Explain Indian Association (1876)

The Indian Association was headed by Satyendranath Banerjee. The association had lawyers, professionals and educated middle class as its members. It launched agitations against oppressive Acts such as Licence Act, the Arms Act and the Vernacular Press Act.


Formation of the Indian National Congress ((INC)

A retired British member of the Indian Civil Service, A. O. Hume, wanted to set up an organisation that would draw the government's attention to the administrative drawbacks and suggest means to rectify them. In 1884 Hume, in consultation with the Indian leaders, laid the foundation of the Indian National Union the name of which was changed to the Indian National Congress on December 28, 1885 at Mumbai session.


Describe the aims of the Indian National Congress (INC)

The aims of the INC were:
i) To promote friendly relations between nationalist political workers from different parts of the country.
ii) To develop the feelings of national unity irrespective of caste, religion or province.
iii) To formulate popular demands and present them before the government.
iv) To train and organise the public opinion in the country.