Group 14 - Atomic Properties



Occurance of carbon family

In carbon family, carbon occur in the native state in form of coal, graphite, and diamond. Silicon, is the second most abundant element by weight in the earth's crust. Tin occur in form of tinnestone or cassiterite. The principal ore of lead is galena. Germanium occurs in traces.


Electronic configuration of carbon family

1.The valence shell electronic configuration of these element is . The inner core of the electronic configuration of elements in this group differs from other member of p-block.
2. The electronic configuration of carbon is : .


Order of covalent radii of carbon family

Atomic radii of these elements regularly increase as we move down the group primarily due to the addition of new energy shell at each succeeding elements.


Ionization enthalpy of carbon family

The ionization enthalpy of carbon family is higher than corresponding elements of boron family due to increased nuclear charge.


Trend of covalent to ionic character down the group of carbon family

In carbon family covalent character decreases from top to bottom and ionic character increases, because non-metallic property of C and Si decreases and metallic property of tin and lead increases.