Importance of Water


Importance of water

Water is used bathing, drinking, washing and cooking purposes. It is highly important for the existence of living beings. 


Importance of water in the body

Water is the most important component of any living organism. The human body is made of 70% of water. Water is essential for various functions in the body, some of them are as follows
  • It is important for supporting cell life - water depletion (loss) can lead to cell desiccation (extreme dryness) which will ultimately lead to the death of the cell.
  • Very Important for transport - Water forms 92% of the total blood composition. All the nutrients, hormones, oxygen etc., are transported through blood to various parts of the body
  • The water in the cells (70% of cell composition) also play an important role in the transport of nutrients, minerals, vitamins to various parts of the cell.
  • The water forms the medium in which various metabolic reactions occur.
  • The temperature of the body is controlled by water (through sweating).
  • Water forms the medium through which nitrogenous waste (urea) is excreted through the body.
  • Thus, water is the major component of the body and is critical for life


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