Line Symmetry



Lines of symmetry in miscellaneous figures

Look at the lines of symmetry on the following figures.
There are different types of figures can have different numbers of lines of symmetry.


Creating Symmetrical Figures

Start with a point on the line of symmetry and draw the same thing on the other side.
1. Make a horizontal line
2. Make a vertical line
3. Make a horizontal line
4. Make a diagonal line

Figure A is the original drawing and figure B was drawn to be a symmetrical or identical part.


Line of Symmetry

Line which divides a figure into two symmetrical figures, then that line is known as Line of Symmetry.


Lines of symmetry of letters in english alphabet

Some Letters in English Alphabets have only one Line of Symmetry
Example: A B C D E K M T U V W Y
Some Letters in English Alphabets have two Lines of Symmetry, Horizontal and Vertical.
Example: H I X
Some Letters in English Alphabets have no Line of Symmetry
Example: F G J L N P Q R S Z
While letter "O" has infinite line of symmetry.