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Loss of Biodiversity


Red data book

  • The book which keeps the record of all endangered species including plants and animals.
  • Red Data Book is different for animals, plants and other species.
  • They are now being published in many different countries and provide useful information on the threat status of the species.


Species based on IUCN

Based on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), we can classify species as follows:
Normal Species
Endangered Species
Vulnerable Species
Rare Species
(v) Endemic Species
(vi) Extinct Species.


Threatened species

  • Threatened species are the species which face the danger of extinction due to the hard conditions to survive.
  • Human activities like deforestation, hunting increases the risk of extinction of animals.
  • The restricted areas to protect threatened species should be built with resources required to survive. Human activities like hunting should be stopped to prevent the risk of extinction