Morphology of Cockroach



Morphology of cockroach

1. The cockroach, Periplaneta americana, is a common nocturnal omnivorous household pest, commonly found in damp and warm places.
2. The body is elongated, segmented, bilaterally symmetrical, flattened dorsoventrally and reddish-brown in colour.
3. It is covered by a hard brown-coloured jointed exoskeleton.
4. It is divisible into three parts, head, thorax and abdomen.
5. Head consists of 6 segments fused together.
6. At its upper side, it bears two large compound eyes.
7. A pair of antennae is present in the antero-medial indentation of the eyes.
8. The mouth is situated at the lower end of the head.
9. The mouth parts are of the chewing type, consisting of labrum, mandibles, maxillae, labium and hypopharynx.
10. The thorax consists of three segments, an anterior prothorax, a middle mesothorax and a posterior metathorax.
11. Each segment bears a pair of walking legs and mesothorax and metathorax also bear each pair of wings.
12. The abdomen is broad consisting of ten segments.