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Neutralisation Around Us



Uses of bases

Following are the examples of bases which are used widely :
1. Sodium hydroxide is used in the manufacture of soap. It is used in petroleum refining; in making medicines, paper, pulp, etc. It is used in making rayon.
2. Calcium hydroxide is also known as slaked lime. It is used to neutralize acid in water supplies; in the manufacture of bleaching powder; as a dressing material for acid burns; as an antidote for food poisoning.
3. Ammonium hydroxide is used to remove ink spots from clothes and to remove grease from window-panes. It is used in the cosmetic industry.
4. Alkalis are used in alkaline batteries. Generally, potassium hydroxide is used in such batteries.


Examples of neutralisation in everyday life

The stomach contains hydrochloric acidl$$, this acid helps in the digestion of food. If this acid is produced in excess, it causes indigestion, which is harmful.


Treatment of ant bite

Ant sting contains formic acid. When an ant bites, it injects this formic acid into the skin which causes pain.It can be neutralised by rubbing the ant bite with moist baking soda, which contains sodium hydrogen carbonate.