Notice (Basic)



Include the details of the issuing authority

A notice is a small piece of writing, which is widely used by individuals or organizations to make announcements, issue public instructions, to extend invitations, etc. It is important to mention the details of the issuing authority of the notice as the target audience should be able to identify and approach the person who has issued the notice in case of any doubts or uncertainties.
Eg. Principal (Ms. Veronica Fernandes) wants to invite the parents of the students at her school for the annual day event through a notice. The notice will have her name followed by her designation as the issuing authority. If the issuing authority is not a person, then we should mention the name of the organization issuing the notice.


What is a Notice?

A notice is the most common method of communication which gives information regarding an important event that is about to take place, to issue public instructions, to and make appeals. A notice conveys information in a very precise manner. With the help of a notice, information is displayed publicly for others to know and follow. It is used as an easy medium to seek the attention of the public.


Format of a Notice

Let's understand the format of a notice with the help of the image above.


What Information should a Notice Include?

A notice is a method of communication which gives information regarding an important event that is about to take place. Since a notice gives us information about an event, the most important details to be included are place and time (of the event). 
A notice must answer the questions: Where and When about the event.


Tips to Prepare a Notice

If you want to write a successful notice, then these are the tips you should follow:
1.The notice should always be inside a box.
2.The title of the notice should be appealing as well as indicative of the purpose of the notice. You could either mention the name of the event or something catchy to draw the attention of target audience. For example, Meeting of the Nature club, Attention music lovers!
3.You can also mention whom to contact for additional information.

4.Capital letters can be used for details such as names of organization, captions or an important detail that needs to be highlighted.
5.Abbreviations and symbols can be used in writing a notice.


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