Periodic and Oscillatory Motions



Periodic Motion

Periodic motion, motion repeated in equal intervals of time. Periodic motion is performed, for example, by a rocking chair, a bouncing ball, a vibrating tuning fork, a swing in motion, the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, and a water wave.


Periodic Motion Graph

Periodic Motion Graph is as shown:


Mathematical Condition of Simple Harmonic Motion

When the restoring force of any motion has equation of form:

Then fundamentally this equation represents simple harmonic motion.


how to identify periodic and non periodic motion

A motion that repeats itself at regular intervals of time is called periodic motion.
Example :  Explain whether Functions 1. and 2. are periodic or not?
1. we can write as
The periodic time of function is
So it is periodic motion.
2. The function decreases monotonically with increasing time and tends to zero as t approaches infinity and thus never repeats its value.
Hence it is non periodic motion.