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Preparation of Alkanes

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Methods involved in preparation of hydrocarbon - definition

1.Hydrogenation : it is addition of hydyrgen on multiple bond
2.Decarboxylation: loss of
3. Reduction : addition of hydrogen

Alkane preparation from unsaturated hydrocarbon - definition

In this process hydrogen is added to unsaturated compound in presence of a catalyst .
Example :

Method of preparation alkanes from alkyl halide - definition

Alkyl halides can converted into alkanes by one of the following methods :
1. Through Grignard Reagents : Alkyl halides especially , bromides and iodides react with magnesium metal in presence of diethyl ether to form alkyl magnesium halides.which is further hydrolyzed by water to form alkane.
2.Wurtz Reaction : When an alkyl halide is treated with metallic sodium in presence of dry ethyl ether , a symmetrical alkane is formed.
Example :

Alkanes from Carboxlic acid - definition

Alkanes can be prepared by decarboxylation that is removal of CO gas by two methods.
1.Decarboxylation : when a carboxylic acid is heated with soda lime at about 630 K, a molecule of CO is lost and alkane is formed.
2. Kolbe's eectrolytic method : When a concentrated aqueous solution of the sodium or potassium salt of a monocarboxlic acid is electrolyzed, an alkane is produced.

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