Anglo-Maratha Wars (Advanced)


Causes, events and results of first Anglo-Maratha war (1775-82)

Warren Hastings declared war against the Marathas in A.D. 1775. This war came to an end with the signing of Treaty of Salbai in 1782. Madhav Rao Narayan became the Peshwa after signing of the treaty.


Causes, events and results of second Anglo-Maratha war (1803-05)

Peshwa Baji Rao II accepted the subsidiary alliance with the British and signed the treaty of Bassein in 1802. The Maratha leaders Scindia and Bhonsle refused to acknowledge the treaty. So, they jointly attacked the British. In 1803, Arthur Wellesley defeated the Marathas.


Causes, events and results of third Anglo-Maratha war (1817-18)

The growing jealousy of the British could not be tolerated by the Marathas. Peshwa Bajirao II tried to form a confederacy of all the Maratha chiefs against the English. In 1817 the Peshwa attacked the British residency in Pune. The Marathas were defeated in this war. The office of the Peshwa was abolished. Baji Rao II was paid an annual pension of 8 lakh rupees.