Tropical Desert Regions



Tropical Deserts

This region lies in the subtropical high pressure belt and includes some of the driest areas on the Earth. The Northern hemisphere includes the Afro-Asian deserts of Thar, Arabia and Sahara. In North America, the tropical deserts cover California, Arizona and Mexico states of USA. The Southern hemisphere includes the Atacama desert, the Namib and Kalahari desert and the Great Australian Desert. It has extremes of hot and cold climate . The average annual rainfall is generally less than 25 cm. Not much vegetation grows here due to shortage of water. The main trees or bushes found in this region are acacia, cactus, babul, etc. Mules, gazelles, camels, snakes, lizards, are the wildlife species found in these deserts. In the harsh, inhospitable conditions in the deserts, the inhabitants have to struggle against an environment deficient in water, food and other means of livelihood.